Bus Transportation

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Bus Transportation

If there is one ministry that defines Fairhaven Baptist Church, it is the bus ministry.  We believe that no other ministry has such wide-reaching effects.  Over the years, we have been blessed to see countless children come to know the Lord through this ministry.

Every Saturday, dedicated men and women go from door to door, connecting with children who love to come to church, but have no transportation.  However, Saturday is only the beginning!  Sunday morning finds our buses outside the doors of hundreds of children's homes in the Northwest Indiana region, waiting to supply that transportation.

Each week, there is something special planned on every bus. Weather it is a simple treat on the bus, or a trip to the park after church, we try to make every Sunday memorable.  Each spring and fall, things get really exciting!  We devote four special Sundays to extra-special activities for the kids after the services.  Beginning with a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and ending with a day at the Fairhaven Fair, the fall is a favorite time for all of us.  We strive to provide the children with safe and fun activities, but our primary goal is to teach them about the Lord.  We count it a privilege to “Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in.”

Leader Phone: (219) 926-6636