Wrestle-O-Rama Winners

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Fairhaven Baptist Academy held its annual Wrestle-O-Rama on Friday, February 15, 2013. The boys competed according to their weight class and grade levels. The following are the first place winners. Front Row: Will Wasielewski, 58 lbs., Third Grade; Winston Wasielewski, 39 lbs., Kindergarten; Bryce Martinez, 48 lbs., Kindergarten; Edmond Schrock, 33 lbs., Pre-School; Wyatt Wasielewski, 52 lbs., 1st Grade; Thomas Knowles, 58 lbs., 2nd Grade; Second Row: Elisha Wright, 95 lbs., 6th Grade; Jared Moore, Heavy Weight, Grades 3-5; Jake Damron, 75 lbs., 5th Grade; Andrew Edwards, 88 lbs., 4th Grade; Gideon Ramos, 75 lbs., 4th Grade; Jonathan Wright, Lightweight, Jr. High; Jonathan Martin, Heavy Weight, Jr. High.


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