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Dr. and Mrs. Cloud, as well as their church building in Kathmandu, are fine. However, it was a bad earthquake with many aftershocks.  This caused many people to remain in the streets to try to get away from the buildings.  In the city, most structures stood, but there were still many deaths.  Vincent Tower downtown fell killing 40 people.

Due to the many displaced people in their town, the Clouds are housing and feeding many additional people each day.  We are thankful for the opportunity to send a love offering to help offset expenses.  This has been an opportunity to witness to an array of unreached people.  For example, a Hindu priest and his family have been among those staying with the Clouds.

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  1. Daniel To
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    My church wants to send offering to support Nepal Christians of brother David Cloud.
    Can you let me know where and how to send out our offering?

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