Mexico City Update

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Our church here in Mexico City is gearing up for our four-week, fall evangelistic campaign that begins on October 23 and lasts until our church’s twelfth anniversary on November 13th.  The church has been having good attendances lately with a full auditorium, extra chairs put down, and an above-average bus attendance.  Please pray for God’s power in the services and that souls be genuinely saved.  Our campaign’s theme is “To See Thy Power and Glory in the Sanctuary” from Psalm 63:1 and 2.

Our Christian school is bigger than ever this year.  The school doubled in attendance with 28 students in every grade from Kindergarten to 11th grade, except for fourth grade.


We really need another elementary teacher.  Our secondary teacher is teaching algebra and physics, and Iʼm teaching trigonometry.  Next year we are going to teach chemistry.  We really need a math and science teacher.  Please pray for this important need.  If there is a dedicated Christian available from a church in the States that speaks Spanish and would like to do some short-term missionary work, please let me know.


I combine the Bible class with the secondary students and the Bible institute students on Mondays.  Iʼm teaching them Life of Christ.  Also on Monday, I teach the institute students History of Mexico, Great Preachers, and Homiletics.  Next semester, I will also be teaching the institute students Music & Song Leading as well as Philosophy of Missions in preparation for our furlough.

With Homiletics, Iʼm preparing them to preach in my absence; with Song Leading, they can rotate in leading singing; and with Philosophy of Missions, I am preparing them to understand why I will need to be gone for a year reporting to churches and establishing myself again in my home church.

I would not be surprised if Oscar, a second-year Bible institute student, and Nancy, our elementary teacher, are married before next fall when we go on furlough.  Nancy was reached by the old churchʼs bus route 22 years ago.  There are few in Mexico that have as strong convictions as she does.  She would make a great wife for him.

In a few years, Oscar could end up being the pastor of the church which would enable me to work out of the church to help institute graduates start other churches in the Mexico City area.  These institute graduates may just be the present students coming up through our Christian school.  Weʼll see what the future holds.

Thank you for your prayers and constant economic support.

For His cause,

Clint Rardin


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