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When I sit on the platform during the preliminary portion of a service, it gives me great joy to see many regular members who at one time were controlled by hard drugs or booze. It is wonderful to realize what God has done in their lives as they gave themselves over to Him. Added to them, I love to see others who have been saved through our bus ministry growing in the Lord. Many Baptist leaders discourage this ministry; however, I cannot believe a church can win and disciple its community without this vibrant work for God. Our people not only work at convincing people to attend church but also go out during the week training and discipling them. Our church would be deprived of much of its opportunity to obey the Great Commission without it. As exciting as this is, though, watching hundreds of our children growing up for God is my greatest thrill after pastoring Fairhaven Baptist Church for 42 years. Not all of our parents follow the Bible and our preaching concerning the family, but it is wonderful to realize that dozens and dozens will be joining our ranks in God’s army over the next ten years. There are over fifty “twenty-somethings” in our services who grew up here. As we watch our country and the independent Baptist movement as a whole weakening and leaving its principles, it is great to be in an independent Baptist church that can look forward to the strongest crop of young adults in its history. I daydream about people who grew up here and are already scattered across our land and even around the world touching our globe for God; yet, if the Lord tarries, He will have a stream of young recruits for years to come who I believe will stand for Him no matter what pressure comes. I see an actual resistance to producing strong young people who will fight for what is right, but that is still the number one goal of Fairhaven Baptist Church.

As with most Baptist churches, we try to use the Christmas season to evangelize the community. We had a large float in the Chesterton Christmas parade, trying to spread the true meaning of this holiday. Then our 3rd-6th graders put on a Christmas program with hundreds of parents and visitors coming and hearing the gospel preached. Fairhaven’s annual Christmas Music Night drew hundreds again who would normally never enter our doors. We try to do anything that is right in order to bring people to Christ.

April 21-25, 2013
As spring draws closer, we are looking forward to Fairhaven Baptist College’s annual Preaching Conference April 21-25. Every year the preaching is challenging and many decisions are made. This year Gary Gilmore, Don Strange, Rodger Bottrell, Wilbert Unger, Courtney Lewis, and Don Whitecar are speaking. Plan to join us. The music is uplifting, and the fellowship with like believers is needed more than ever. We negotiate special rates in area motels, and our people open their homes to those who would like to stay in them.
—Dr. Roger Voegtlin

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    this sounds like the church my brother Jack grew up in but no longer can attend , he now lives in Valpo int he Masters apt , Im hoping he can attend your service and find fellowship with the shepards group

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