Camp Fairhaven Update – Shepherds Week and Friend Day

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Since its inception Fairhaven Baptist Church has provided a caring outreach to the special needs members of the surrounding communities.  Without a doubt the highlight of this “Shepherds” ministry is the annual camp week.  Several dedicated church volunteers work together to make these weeks memorable.  Activities included daily Bible challenges, games, bowling competition, crafts, and singing competition, just to name a few.

Last week, Camp Fairhaven hosted its annual “Friend Day.”  Each camper was given the opportunity to invite a friend to camp.  Special activities included limo rides, inflatables, canoeing, and of course, lots of good food.  Most of all, the goal of Camp Fairhaven is to teach children the Bible and how they can know Jesus as their personal Savior.  Once again, during the chapel time on “Friend Day,” the Gospel was clearly presented to the campers and their guests.

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