Building Projects

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This summer’s building projects included the addition of a pergola over the outdoor seating area of the snack shop, the remodel of the college hallway entrance (including a history of the college display), the installation of a children’s mural in the Sunday School wing, and the floor-to-ceiling remodel of our home ec. room.

2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-000252015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-000262015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-00001 2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-00015 2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-00003 2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-00014 2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-0000820150922_11211820150612_102455 2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-00023 2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-00024   2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-00020 2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-00021 2015-09-20 Fairhaven Property-00022 IMG_0456 IMG_0455 20150612_102551

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