Brother Cloud’s Update from Linda

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September 2, 2014 pm Nepal time

To Those Who Prayed,

From my heart I wish to thank each person who offered prayers of petition for my husband’s recovery. Until we sent out notice that he was in the hospital, the situation looked very grave. The doctors said there had been no improvement and downgraded his status from “acute” to “serious.” With pancreatitis, that is not a good sign as that meant other organs were being negatively affected and anything could go wrong at any moment. The doctors said they had done all they could, but that he wasn’t improving. In other words, they painted a grim picture. However, as soon as I sent out notice of his condition, people around the world began praying. Within 12 hours there was obvious improvement! This was totally in answer to prayer.

There would be other problems that would crop up from time to time in the hospital, and each time we prayed those problems would be resolved. The biggest was the fact that during his first eight days, he was oxygen dependent and could not breathe normally without the oxygen. On the eighth day he asked our church leaders for special prayer for that and within a few minutes he was able to breathe fine and able to totally discontinue the use of oxygen. The change was immediate and dramatic and was very definitely in answer to prayer.

One more thing I’d like to do is thank those of you who said you were praying for me. I never dreamed anyone would pray for me in the midst of all of this and it was very humbling to learn that all over the world just that was happening. (We heard from people in 37 countries.) Thank all of you so much. Through everything that happened, I found it true (again) that God’s grace is sufficient. I experienced the peace that passes understanding and not one moment did I have to endure anxiety or tension. Of course I felt bad for David when he was in pain and struggling to breathe. But a divine comfort of peace was there cushioning my soul through everything.

Thank you for your prayers. We can report that they were 100% effective! Praise our Dear Lord!

From the Harvest Field,

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