2017 PC Trivia Contest – Round 5

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The conference is now less than nine weeks away, and it’s time for Round 5 of the PC Trivia Contest!

The first person to email the correct answer to [email protected] wins. The winner will receive a $50 gift card to Cracker Barrel.

Question: For the 1982 Preaching Conference, who was the guest speaker from Ohio?

Don’t forget to register on the Preaching Conference Registration Page!

Congratulations to our previous winners:

Round 1 – Bill Smith – Traverse City, Michigan

Round 2 – Esther (Castro) Stock – Dayton, Tennessee

Round 3 – Michelle (Kelso) Birney – Skowhegan, Maine

Rount 4 – Geoff Gaus (Macungie, PA); Matt Furse (Custer, SD); Josh Hughes (Barnesville, PA); Amy Porozynski (Cockeysville, MD); Jason Atwood (Corpus Christi, TX); Daniel Kelso (Vallejo, CA); Andy Almanza (Lancaster, PA); Randy Love (Murray, Utah); Michelle Birney (Skowhegan, ME); Gary Zdziarski (Payson, Illinois)

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