Whitecar October 2014 Update

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Dear Friends,

One of our most important ministries is our youth group. We have been blessed with a good group of teenagers who are exciting to watch as they grow in the Lord. Our teens actually comprise a very large part of our church, and the number of them that are dedicated to following God is growing. It is our goal and our hope to build a strong church for years to come with the teenagers God has given today. Seeing this great responsibility we have been given, it is our goal to see these teens develop habits and standards that will enable them to live holy lives usable for the Lord.

Debbie and I count it a privilege to teach the boys and girls each Saturday in our Timothy Club. For a teen to join Timothy club, they must be faithful to church, have a good testimony, and be willing to give up rock music and wrong dress. We have seen this create a higher standard among our teens to not just play the church game. In Timothy Club, the teens are taught lessons on living a holy life, as well as learning how to serve in the church.

We then provide opportunities for the teens to serve in church ministries. Debbie has begun to teach the young ladies how to tell a story, and then they are able to tell a practiced story in the children’s Sunday school class. Our young men have learned how to prepare an outline for a sermon, and we give them the chance to preach at our local nursing home. Many of the shiest teens have been able to stand up and preach God’s Word this way. Every Saturday, we have a dozen or more of our teens showing up for visitation and canvassing. Even the overlooked and small ministries of the church such as cleaning the auditorium and setting up for church is often done by our teens wanting to serve.

Included in the work with the teens, we make it a point to show them that they can still have good fun. Once a month, we host a teen activity in the evening, and then have a meal and preaching time. We have been blessed to have done a large variety of teen activities such as miniature golf, cave tubing, Bible trivia night, soccer, a progressive dinner, and even exploring Mayan ruins.

Please pray that our teens would continue to grow and learn the joys of serving the Lord. It is my desire to see the teens of today be tomorrow’s Sunday school teachers, bus captains, pastor’s wives, and pastors. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Don Whitecar

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