Ruppels in Cambodia

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Dear Friends,

Please continue to pray for God to give us a harvest of souls for His Glory.

Thank you for praying for Hieng & Saan (brother and sister) Hieng accepted Christ has his Saviour Sunday night, March 17th. Wang was able to lead him to Christ. This was another an answer to 2 prayers,because even though Wang has been working very hard to win people to Christ, it has been a while since he has seen someone get saved. Saan (Hieng’s sister) continues to do a salvation Bible study with Sopiep during the preaching time on Sunday nights.

Another young lady that works at a garment factory accepted Christ on Saturday evening. One our young ladies has been teaching Line a Bible study for several weeks now. Please pray for her to grow in her new life in Christ as Theary disciples her.

Srey Mum is Sakaun’s niece and 13 years old. Because Sakaun started a children’s ministry in his village almost 14 years ago, Srey Mum has grown up in hearing about Christ since she was born. She is a great girl with a servant’s spirit. Today, she made sure of her salvation, and we are so happy for her. However her parents are not saved and are usually drunk. She needs your prayers.

Tee… (Man around 50) Is still open, but not moving forward in his understanding of the Gospel.

Reen … seems to be pulling his children away from us, is drinking more again, and is less interested in our Bible study. Pray for him.

Yuri – Is now working a security job 12 hours a day 7 days a week which prevents him from being in church. However, four of his five sibblings have opened up to us and have started Bible studies with us as well.

Saophoan …has also been working, so contact has been minmal. Please keep praying for him.

Ra ….is a 35 year old women whose husband left her 2 years ago to raise four children on her own. She has a very small frame, buts still manages (barely) to provide for her children by carrying sand, cement, and bricks at construction sites. Becky has taught her two lessons in the “Do You Know God?” booklet, and this last time a young married couple came in to listen as well. Ra needs your prayers. We are not making Ra’s situation known in this letter so that you will help her financially, but so that you can better know how to pray for her. As Americans, we tend to respond to need with our pocket books first and sometimes only. If you feel the need to sacrifice for this family, then you may want to fast and pray for them. Their greatest need is Christ!

We have a number of other salvation Bible studies under way as well. Please pray that God would help us rescue more people from the power of sin.

Thank you for your prayers,

Rodney Ruppel

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