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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all of your prayers for Cho Won’s family.  I was able to attend a funeral service for the four who died on Friday morning at 9AM.  This funeral was in Korean, but someone translated into English for about 10 of us. There was at least one more funeral in English that one of our people went to.

The two surviving children are still alive.  They have very serious head injuries and the oldest girl lost one of her arms. I was mistaken in the last letter about where they are being treated.  They are not in Thailand, but they are both in Siam Riep, Cambodia.  A Swiss doctor there is overseeing their treatment.  Relatives of the family are there with the children.  A good missionary friend in Siam Riep went to the hospital on Thursday to check on them.  As of Thursday, one girl had been awake for just a few minutes, but the other not at all.

Some of our church members do not yet know that this family has gone to be with Jesus.  I know that God is using their death in many lives, but please pray that God will also use it in our church for His glory.

Again, thank you for praying for these two girls and their extended family.

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