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Dear Friends,

As I mentioned in our last email update, the Lord has allowed us many opportunities to set up and teach salvation Bible studies in the last few months. It seems the last couple of weeks have been especially busy.

Tee… Is just under 50 and has been very open, but also quite solid in his spiritism beliefs.

Ree … is asking the “hard” questions and counting the costs. His 20 year old daughter was saved last November, and I believe her testimony is making a difference in his life.

Yuri – (Khmer not Russian) After 12 years, he was just released from prison 3 weeks ago where he claims to have accepted Christ as his Savior. It seems he was truly born again, but making sure of his salvation is our first step in discipleship.

Saophoan … claims to have studied with at least 10 different “Christian” groups including Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses. He is now about 30, married, and has one child. He knows a lot, but it is all tangled up in his mind.

Hieng & Saan (brother and sister) have been coming to church off and on for a couple of months, but they desperately need to be saved. Bible studies are underway with them as well.

Eight other Bible studies are also being taught by our soulwinners. Please pray that God will bring forth fruit as we plant the seed of God’s saving Gospel in the hearts of these people.

Three weeks ago, we had one precious soul accept Christ as her Savior. Srey Leak, 19, was led to Christ by Sopiep. We met Srey Leak as a result of “cold” “door-to-door” soulwinning. She cam to church for the first time this past Sunday. Please pray for her growth as Sopiep disciples her.

Thank you for your prayers,
Rodney Ruppel

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