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Dear Friends,

Please forgive me for not sending an update on my step-brother for the last two months. Many of you already know about his progress through facebook or through our home church, but I know there are some who have not been “kept in the loop.”

Your prayers have made a great difference. Phil is now back “home” with his daughter. They are living at my dad’s house for now.

Phil’s 6 weeks or so in Rehab were tremendously productive. Of course he started to get his memory back a little at a time, and now remembers that his wife died in the accident that altered his life forever. When his time in rehab was up, the doctors and insurance company prescribed further treatment in a 24 hour care facility. Originally, it appeared that his stay there would be quite long, and they said that he would not be able to leave the home (even for visits) for at least a month. Phil surprised everyone. Within a week, he was allowed out of the home for a day and spent the afternoon with his daughter. I called him just a couple days after the visit. He gave God the glory for his progress and had a positive spirit about his future. Less than 3 weeks after entering the 24 hour care facility, he was realeased. He and I had a good talk on the phone the day before he was checked out. He still has a lot of healing to do, both physically and emotionally. However, he is home, doing well, enjoying his daughter, re-starting his life, and making progress everyday. It really is a miracle.

Thank you all for praying for him,

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