Mexico City Update

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Dear Praying Friends,

Holiday Greetings from Mexico City!  In this season, we have so many blessings to be thankful for.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our fall campaign.  Even before our campaign began, I was able to lead Lucia, a lieutenant colonel and retired army nurse to the Lord, who was brought out by Sofia.  Sofia was saved with her nineteen-year old son, Luis, in Tennessee this summer and they have been attending our church  for a couple of months.

Our first Sunday, God gave us an attendance of 237.  The auditorium was packed as we had 155 adults and teens attend the services, but that was just the beginning of God’s blessings.  In the adult service, two were saved.  Jessica, a grown niece of one of the women in our church, was convicted of her need for Christ even during the week and came to church ready to be saved.  Also, Angel, a cousin of a woman in our church was also saved.

On the following Sunday, we had again over 230 in the services including 127 from the bus routes.  One of the ladies brought Ninibed, who was saved.

We were pleasantly surprised the third Sunday with a great attendance of 261.  We had 162 teens and adults in church, so you can imagine how packed our auditorium must have been.  We had a few first-time visitors, but most were an accumulation of a lot of new folks who have been coming the last couple of months and decided to all come at once.  It was good to see Nicol, whose husband was saved and baptized along with herself last spring campaign, bring out her landlord to church.  The routes did really well with 137.  We had five children saved in junior church.  Three of them are children of parents who were saved in the last couple of years.

On our Anniversary Sunday, we even had more in attendance with 280.  Our routes brought in 170.  We had 129 children!  What I was really excited about was how our people worked to get the lost out to church.  We saw five women trust Christ as their Savior—all from the routes. Some were neighbors of our people whom they had invited.  In the evening we had our business meeting and gained three new members.

Since the campaign, we have had an attendance of more than 200.  Lucia and Sofia, the two retired Army nurses were baptized, as well as Luis, Sofia’s son.  Also Alfonso, the brother-in-law of Gabriel, one of our soldiers, was baptized.  Gabriel led him to the Lord earlier in the year.  Alfonso’s teen-age daughter, Marina, asked to be baptized (she is already saved) as well as Irma, a lady that was reached through our VBS this summer.  They as well as a young woman and her mother, Jessica and Guadalupe, who made decisions for Christ this campaign, all plan be baptized next week.

Thank you for praying for our campaign.  Please pray for the eight adults that were saved in services this campaign that we may see them baptized, grow, and added to the church.  Thank you for supporting us with your prayers and offerings all these years.  On December 14, we will celebrate 20 years on the mission field here in Mexico City!  We hope you have a great Christmas and happy New Year.

For His Cause,

Clint Rardin


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