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Dear Praying Friends,

We had a good Sunday with 133, several visitors, and one man who came forward and was saved after hearing a message on Living Water for a Thirsty Sinner out of John 4.  Pray for Israel.  His wife just left him taking every thing he had and burning their legal documents.  Valdemar, the bus captain and former Airborne officer in the Mexican army, saw a group of people on Sunday and invited them to board the bus to go to church and they got on and came!  Israel was one of them.  Laura, one of the women that was saved last week, returned with her children, mother, and teenage sister.

Joaquin; the husband of Anahi, a lady was saved in December and has been faithful to church and been baptized; came on his own last Thursday night.  Please pray for his salvation.  I plan to visit him this Saturday.  He was let out of prison last December and was put directly into a drug rehab.  His family (parents and uncles) worships the Holy Death, a Satanic sect common in the inner city here in Mexico.  Anahi is one of the converts we are seeing saved from a conflictive part of Mexico City where one of our church families lives and is being a light to that community.

Attached are pictures of the big day in the new auditorium and our new permanent sign out front. All the members like it.  This Monday, people are supposed to come and put the hand rails and the roof on the front porch of the church.  We will get pictures of that as well.

Thank you for your prayers,
Clint Rardin

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