Mongolia Update – September 2017

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The past couple of weeks have been exciting for us.  First, we had a very unusual thing happen for the first week of our special services this month.  We, of course, tried to get our friends and acquaintances in to hear the Gospel; and we did have about ten such unsaved people in our service on the 10th.  But beside them, there were 8 people that just came in having seen our sign, not knowing that we were having special services, but having asked about our schedule from some of our children that were playing outside at the time!  I have been able to follow up with two of the young men that came, and we continue to try to follow up with the rest.  The two young men are very open, so we would appreciate your prayers for them.

Last Sunday was kind of special because we have over 80 people in church in the morning service!  Our children’s church is averaging about between forty and fifty.  Last week we had 28 kids in our van.  It was packed!

Other big news is that the church purchased some land that we have been considering since last June.  It is not as big as we want, but it has another lot on one side that is actually for sale, but at an outrageous price at present.  We will be praying for that land to become available to us.  Now begins the work of preparing to build a building on it.  I will have news on that for you as we get things ready to present.

I will preach on Salvation this coming Sunday evening also, so we will appreciate your prayers for that.  We have been playing different sports on three Fridays of this month i an effort to “get people out”, and it has gotten several people out to church.  Tomorrow we play volleyball.

As always, thank you for your prayers and care for our ministry!

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