Mongolia Update – July 2017

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We are in out fourth week of our summer camp. It is our second teen week. I believe that the devil is fighting us, and we would appreciate your prayers. We had 20 teens today with a few new teens to preach the Gospel to. I hope for a few more tomorrow, as over 30 kids registered to come. I encouraged the teens today to try to get the ones who didn’t come today to come tomorrow.

We had a good response to our invitations in our two weeks of junior camp. We had about 15 that responded to the salvation invitation. We try to follow up with them, giving the a book of John, then following up with some questions that focus on salvation. We meet with them and go over the questions, which give us a good opportunity to talk about salvation with them again. We have 41 that qualified to go to our countryside camp. That is more than we have ever had, and kind of scary to think about, but we are thankful for the numbers.

Having said that, we also are seeing again the summer exodus from the city. Over half of the kids from the area that I visit in on Saturdays have gone to the countryside, and will not be back until August some time. Adults also are missing, as summer work is in full swing. But we thank the Lord for our faithful people, and the new kids that we are having in our camp. A teen girl just made a very good big decision, going against all her unsaved family and relatives. Thank God for His mercy and power!

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