Mongolia Update

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Yesterday morning was very rainy, which affected our attendance somewhat.  We were supposed to have three new kids from an area which I have just started working in, but I’m sure the rain affected their decision.  We did have a woman come in the evening from that area, the “first fruits” from our efforts there.  We will try to visit her the Tuesday.

We had four unsaved people to preach the Gospel to yesterday morning.  One is the younger brother of one of our ladies.  He might be facing a jail sentence of up to 8 years for a incident that he was involved in a couple of weeks ago.  It has him thinking.  Another was a woman who was in the hospital watching her child the same time the woman whose brother I just mentioned was in the hospital watching her child recently.  She came for the second time yesterday and seemed to be listening earnestly.

I had to chance to talk to a teen boy who in our summer camp had asked about salvation.  He just finished reading the book of John and answering some questions concerning salvation, and we met to talk about them.  He made a profession of faith in Christ!  We have two kids who want to be baptized, and I am hoping that this boy will step out in obedience and be baptized also.

We thank God for opportunities to minister.  I am attaching a video of two of or Saturday workers at their visitation work.

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