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Sorry to not write you earlier. This week has been different, as I’m sure it has been for you all. I trust you had a good Christmas holiday.

Last Sunday morning we didn’t see any parents of the junior church kids come. That was disappointing, but we have not, to date, had much success in getting parents out. The kids did well, however, in their play, and we had good attendance as far as the kids were concerned.

Sunday night we had 35 or so in attendance. We had 16 visitor cards and some follow-up to do this week. I will try to meet with a couple people tomorrow and some next week. We will try to get our visitors back this Sunday, but it is a regular day (not a holiday!), and close to the New Year to boot. I have tried to emphasize to our people the importance of follow-up and prayer. I have tried to follow-up and make sure visitors were followed-up on. We will appreciate your working with us by adding your prayers to ours.

We wish you all a happy New Year and God’s blessing on your service in 2013.

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