Mongolia Update

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Easter Sunday was an unusual day. We had a sort of blizzard yesterday morning that seemed to keep people home. It was the most snow we have had all winter! I was expecting several visitors, but we had only three. One was a young man that had gotten one of our invitations somehow. He seemed open and interested; I will get in touch with him tomorrow. Our choir sang “Alas and did my Savior Bleed”. They did a good job.

Teens as well as children’s church were relatively well attended. We found out a little more yesterday about a 12 year-old girl that has come for a good while. Her father is a drunk and she bounces around between relatives all the time. She has a bad tooth that nobody in her family has helped her do anything about. One of our church ladies is going to try to get her to the dentist this week. It is hard to see the lack of natural affection that exists in this world. What a blessing it will be to get to heaven where only those made righteous by the blood of Christ and His re-creating power will be! And what a blessing to be among them! Praise God for His wonderful grace.

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