Mongolia Update

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Yesterday we had a few new people to preach the Gospel to.  It was a different day, as there is a conference on deomocracy going on here, with over 1,000 representatives from different countries here in the Mongolia until Monday.  Police are out in force to prevent any trouble that might come up.  That might have prevented a policeman from the dentention center we go to from coming to church yesterday.

In an effort to prevent excessive traffic on the roads, they have restricted traffic according to license plate numbers.  Our church van and personal vehicle have even numbers, so we could use neither one yesterday.  Getting to church was not a problem; we took a bus.  But getting the kids was another story.  I had to get a taxi, and wouldn’t you know, on the very day that we have very limited space, we had a record turn-out from that area!  They were stacked three deep in the back seat and two deep in the passenger seat in the front!  But praise the Lord for some new kids!

Teens is averaging higher than previously, which we praise God for.  We had nine yesterday.

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