Mongolia Update

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Yesterday we had a few visitors, both in morning and evening services. Children from the 11th district came, and even some that had not come for several weeks. It is starting to warm up; it is supposed to get above freezing some days this week during the day. One young girl’s grandmother said a couple of months ago that she (the little girl) wouldn’t come until it started warming up, and true to her word, yesterday that girl was one that came back! Teens was a little below average with five teens.

One blessing I didn’t relate last week has continued into this week: I mentioned a 75-year-old man that had made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. He asked me last Saturday if he and I could meet Sunday morning, and I agreed to do that. He came Sunday morning about 9:15 and said he was on his way to Gandan, the big Biddhist temple about 100 yards or so from our church building. The reason for going there was so that he could give back the idol that had been in their house since they received it from the last generation. He then went, left the idol there and was back in time for church. You might say, why didn’t he burn it. That would probably would have been the better option, but we hadn’t even talked about it. He and his wife and son talked about it and they decided that since they had found the real God, they didn’t need the idol anymore. I figured that was good enough. We didn’t expect him in church yesterday, because he said he was taking a vacation with all the senior citizens in his district. But he cut his vacation short and came to church. His wife hasn’t been to church yet. She has a bad leg. I anticipate meeting her before long.


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