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This week marked the end of the quarter for our teens.  We usually have a running contest going, and the winners get a nice prize.  This time they went horse-back riding.  One of them couldn’t go.

One our member’s, (some of you know Eebee) mother has just been diagnosed with liver cancer.  She has been in church several times in the past, and again just recently.  She was in church this Sunday and heard the Gospel again.  She seems very close to salvation, but not quite repentant yet.

This week we have a Pastor Rodger Bottrell and his son Daniel coming in for a short visit.  They will be with us from Tuesday evening til Friday morning, and will speak to our teens on Wednesday evening and in our mid-week service on Thursday.  It is rare that our people get to hear anybody but me, so I am thankful for this opportunity.

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    It was really great to meet you all at Odenton Baptist Church. I enjoyed speaking with your children. They are bright kids and don’t seem to have suffered too much with no Taco Bells in Mongolia.

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