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I haven’t gotten in the habit of taking pictures yet, so I don’t have any for you this week.  But part of the reason I don’t have pictures is a blessing.  I wanted to get a couple of pictures right after the service, but I was too busy.  I preached on the helmet of salvation from Eph. 6, and had some response…

A young man came this past Sunday who came when he was a kid to one of our summer programs.  We have tried to get him to come several times over the past couple of years, but Sunday all of a sudden he showed up!  He had quite a lot to say after church, all of it favorable to spiritual things.

Another young man, a relative of one of our families, also came up to me saying he wanted to meet.

Then while I was talking with the first young man, children’s church let out and several kids came up to me wanting to tell me they had read the book of John or answered the questions for the book of John.  This is an assignment we give to follow up on those that have prayed to be saved.

So it was an exciting morning for me!


Click on the picture to see the informative video.

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