Mongolia Update

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I had some trouble with my computer and wasn’t able to send an update last week. I preached on salvation and had a few unsaved to preach to. A former member is coming with his wife and young child. I suspect she is not saved, though she has been to church before. Another man whom I met at the short-term detention center i go to weekly. He admitted that he wants to live as he pleases and not be confined by any rules to one of our members after the service. A 75 year-old man came also. We had knocked on his door within the last few weeks. He came back yesterday. He seems to be very thoughtfully considering the Bible. He said he would be back after the Asian New Year, which is next Monday.

Our teen group grew by one faithful teen last week – another regular attender at children’s church turned 13. Maggie, our oldest, will turn 13 in a couple of weeks. As of now, we have six that come very regularly. Two of them are the children of church families, the rest come on their own.

Children’s church is down in attendance. They had a break from school and they are most of them at relatives or getting ready for the New Year.

I am in Korea again, but only for a week this time. I am here to have a problem with my throat taken care of. I was diagnosed and counseled to go out of Mongolia for treatment. Next week I should be contacting you from frozen Mongolia again! Thank you for your concern and prayer.

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