Mongolia Update

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Sorry to not get back with you right after Christmas.  We had good services in the morning and evening.  We had a few parents of our “bus” kids in the morning.  Our auditorium is small, so there was at least one family that came late and didn’t come into the service and sit down because they saw there was no room.  That was actually our landlord.  We will try again at Easter.

Our teens continue to be a blessing.  They sang two songs at the Christmas service, and a couple of them played piano for our little “Christmas concert.”

Our children’s church down this past Sunday, but that is to be expected.  From now until the second part of February, when it is the coldest outside, and when everybody is getting ready for the Asian New Year, attendance is usually down.

But we have some fun things planned for 2016 to go along with trying to build up God’s church.  We will try to keep you faithfully updated.

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