Mongolia Update

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God has been giving us good attendance the past few Sundays, despite the cold weather.  We have been thankful for good attendance in children’s church, both among the older kids and the younger ones also.  They are preparing their Christmas program now.  That is always a fun time for the kids.  This year we are including some of the teens in the children’s plays.

Teen church has seen regular attendance this fall.  We have some new boys that have been very faithful lately.  They are a blessing.  Three of them will be baptized this coming Sunday.  The teens sang their first song in regular church as a special this Sunday.  They have sung for the Christmas service before, but never as a special in church before.  It was a little rough, but it was a step.

We have a few unsaved people to preach the Gospel to Sunday.  One middle-aged man is supposed to get together with me this week to hear more about the Gospel.  We thank God for every person He brings to us.

We are working of purchasing a new van this week.  I have had quite a time with vehicles since we have been back.  I will be glad when we get a new van and get our problems ironed out.  Thank you for your prayers with us on all the aspects of our ministry here!


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