Mongolia Update

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We are getting settled into our new rental building, and are just about done getting it set up to meet our needs.  To be honest with you however, I hope we will not be in this building long.  The location is excellent, and it is nice and warm though the weather is getting cold out (about -5 F last night), but though is has a larger square footage than our old building, the layout is different to that our kids’ room and auditorium are actually smaller than what they used to be.

Last Sunday this started to become a problem, as we had 38 seven to ten year olds, 10 three to six year olds, and 24 four adults and teens, for a total of 72 people in church!  This is a blessing to have that many, and we are thankful, but it makes me pray all the harder for our own land.

We have three teen boys whom we plan to baptize next Sunday.  This is a blessing also, as we have been praying for boys lately.

A praise: We thought Maggie might have to get her own visa after March 7th, when she turns 16, but they just renewed her residency permission with the rest of ours for a whole year!  Thank you for praying with us.

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