Mongolia Update

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We had a good week of visiting last week and have several prospects for visitors.  We didn’t see many of them out yesterday, but will try to follow up this week and keep knocking on doors and trying to get out previous contacts.

One blessing yesterday was that the wife of one of our  members came with her sister.  I met with her sister and mother last April and witnessed Christ to them.  Both of these ladies have small children, and the wife of our member knows that we have small children in the nursery, but had said previously that she wouldn’t put her son in the nursery. (she struggles with many things)  Mongolians usually can’t stand to hear their small children cry, but both of them put their kids in the nursery and were able to stay in the service even though there were times when some crying could be heard!  The sister seemed open.

We have some follow-up to do this week, and hopefully will be able to meet with some people to explain salvation to them.

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