Mongolia Update

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We have had a good summer here since we got back.  Our camps in the country went well, and we have had some new kids that came to our church for the first time this summer and continue to come to church on Sunday.  We baptized two kids last Friday in the river.

Now our work in preparing for our special services later this month begins.  All the people of the church has an area to knock on doors and invite people to church in.  We are going to concentrate on people that have been to church, or that we have witnessed to in the past.  We have all been praying for God to lay people on out hearts, and writing down the names of those whom God has impressed on us and praying for them.  We will try to get them to church and try to follow up on them personally to try to confront them with their need for the Gospel.  We will appreciate your prayers for our efforts this fall.

We would also appreciate your prayers for a new place to meet, since we must get out of our present building.  We have several options, but due to red tape and other factors, must do some research before making a decision.

Thank you for your prayers.

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