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Sorry to have not written in the past couple of weeks. We are still at it here, dealing with winter. Winter is not turning out as the nay-sayers said it would. When the world did not end on Dec. 21, they came out with other predictions, like winter would be unbearable cold. Well, it is warmer than normal. I think it was 7 above zero this morning. But nonetheless, winter is always hard on our junior church attendance. Parents don’t like to send their kids in the dead of winter. You might be saying “That is understandable”. But the kids walk to school every day, about half of them walking home after dark in the evening. I am happy with the kids from the 11th district. (the new area I have been mentioning) We had a good number from there, and even a new boy yesterday!

We have only been able to follow up with one unsaved person from our Christmas services. A young man who is the younger brother of one of our church members met with me on Saturday to hear about salvation. He seems to be genuinely interested, and we will meet again next Saturday. He and his younger brother were in church yesterday. We would appreciate your prayers for this young man named Dorjoo.

On an interesting note, several of our soul-winners got stuck in an elevator yesterday and didn’t end up having time to knock on any doors, but were only able to give a tract to a lady that was with them in the elevator!

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