Mongolia Update

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Last Friday Straight Paths Baptist Church (the church in Mongolia, in case you didn’t know!) had a special activity for women on the occasion of women’s day, March 8th.  33 women came, including some from the two other Independent Baptist churches in town.  One is just barely starting, the ministry of missionary Jason Ritchie.  Bro. Ritchie’s wife spoke.  There were many visitors, with some coming back Sunday.  Soldier’s day is in two weeks, and they have an activity planned for that as well.

Sunday saw good attendance for both adults and children.  Teens was a little low, but decent.  The teens have just finished a three-month competition and the winners, those who collected enough points, will be going skiing on Tuesday.

The people of the church there are having special prayer for our special meetings April 6-9th.  Eddie Ray will be coming up from Beijing and I will be going to Mongolia for that week also.  We pray that our church members will be strengthened and encouraged, and that some who have been saved would move forward and decide to join the church.  We will appreciate your prayers for these meetings and in general for the ministry in Mongolia.  Thank you.

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