Mongolia Update

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We continue to see good attendance in church on Sundays.  We had 23 in the morning service, 20 kids in children’s church, and 13 teens.  There were 24 in the evening service also.  The children are on break, so that helps in church attendance, so we will be praying for their faithfulness in a few weeks when school starts again.

Our people are continuing to follow up on some of the visitors that came at Christmas, meeting with them and going over salvation with them.  It might seem like a long time for them to be going over salvation, but for one, it is hard to get together with them, what with work schedules and other obligations.  Two, we go through all that needs to be understood in order to understand salvation with them step by step.  So it is not like going through the Romans Road and getting them to pray.

They also had a new couple come on Sunday.  I’m not sure how they knew of our church, but I guess they seemed to like it.

The weather has been unusually warm this year, for which we are thankful.  It has been getting up over 0 degrees during the day, which I don’t remember ever seeing at this time of year since we have been there!

Thank  you for your prayers and interest.

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