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We are in Ohio at a missions conference this week.  God has been good to us since we have been back in providing for our financial needs, and this month, yet again, He has met our needs.  Sometimes, though we have seen God provide in the past, it is hard to trust Him for present needs.  But my faith has been strengthened and I have been encouraged lately to look expectantly for provision, not only financial, for present needs.

We continue to have good attendance in children’s church and in our main service.  We had 18 in the main service, and 28 children last Sunday.  Our teen numbers are a little down, but our faithful ones continue generally to be faithful.  We will appreciate you continued prayers for these people.

A couple of special blessings this past Sunday were Renchin, the elderly man about whom I have written before coming, having been in the country for an extended time, and another elderly man whom we met canvassing not long before we left for furlough coming to church for the first time.  He has gone to an “evangelical” church for about 10 years, but when some of our soul-winners knocked on his door and gave a short explanation of the Gospel late last summer, he said that he was hearing it for the first time!  His name is Tumenbayar.  He is a saxophone instructor.

The devil is attacking in the church right now, so we would appreciate your prayers for victory in the church.  Thank you for laboring with us.

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    I was hoping and praying for an opportunity to catch you and try to have a meal together or something so we could visit. You seemed very busy. I hope you are doing well. I enjoyed youth conference very much! I pray for your ministry.

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