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As we have been here helping with our church’s fall soul-winning campaign, our people in Mongolia have also been busy trying to encourage people to come to the Lord.  Since fall is a hard time for children to be faithful to church, what with school starting and the weather cooling down (it is 30 degrees there as I write this; they had a snow storm last Sunday), we try to find ways to encourage them to be faithful to church.  We celebrate the children’s birthdays all on one day in the fall, and in the weeks leading up to that time the kids collect points in various ways that get them “birthday presents” on the “birthday day.”  Despite the inclement weather yesterday, they had 29 children, which is a good day for us.  They dropped some of the kids who come on the van off as they went by the church one way, then when they went out and got more, there was standing room only in the van!  I talked to one of our children’s church leaders this morning, and he said that there have even been some kids who come regularly who have not been able to come for the past few weeks.  So we are rejoicing with them over the children’s church attendance.

Adult attendance also has been good in the last few weeks.  There are some students from the college where one of our young ladies teaches that have been coming.  They might be coming to hear Byron Cromwell speak English, but they are hearing the Word of God, so we pray that God would use the preaching and teaching to direct their hearts to Himself.  One young lady that was removed from our membership before we left has been coming, and another young man that just before we left admitted some sin that he had committed has been faithfully coming, for which we are thankful also.  This past Sunday Byron preached on salvation, and despite the all-day snow fall, they had good attendance in the morning service.

Thank you for keeping up with the news from Mongolia!

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