Mongolia Update

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Byron Cromwell and his wife are flying back from Korea today.  This is a praise, as the first step of getting them in the country in our place is being completed.  The next step will start when they get back.  It shouldn’t be a problem.  The big prayer request, however, is the church’s registration renewal.  This is a renewal that we have to do every year, and the residency permission of the foreigners working in the church (usually our family, now the Cromwell’s) depends on this renewal.  We would appreciate your prayers for the renewal to be granted, and that it would be granted on time, so that the Cromwell’s residency permission can also continue uninterrupted.

They had 16 adults for a salvation Sunday this past Sunday.  Children’s church was down some as the kids get ready to start back into school.  We always pray and try to keep the kids coming at this time of year.  It is always a struggle.  The teens attendance was up last week, but down this week.  Again, school affects attendance for the kids.

We’ll try to keep you updated by what we hear, as we are also now, as most of you know, back in the States.

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