Mongolia Update

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Yesterday was an average day as far as attendance goes. The holiday is pretty much over and life is returning to normal. Most of our children from the 11th district came back yesterday. The kids from the area right around the church seem to be in hibernation. We have a special activity planned for April, and, as it will be warmed up pretty well by then, we plan to use the activity as a push to try to get these kids jump-started, though of course we will continue to visit and try to get them out to church.

For the last four weeks or so a 75-year-old man has been coming on Sunday mornings. We knocked on his door this winter. I finally got a chance to meet with him (he always said before when I suggested meeting that he would come on Sundays) Saturday and talk about salvation. He had a pretty good understanding of basic things and seemed repentant, but couldn’t quite grasp salvation by grace through faith. I gave him some verses to read and when we met again on Sunday he seemed to understand and to have accepted that Christ alone could save him from his sin and the punishment thereof. It was a great blessing, as I have not had the opportunity to go through the Gospel with someone for quite a while. We pray that this man really understands and sincerely accepted God’s free gift.

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