Mongolia Update

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Yesterday was an average day, as far as regular church goes.  It  was a blessing to have Eebee’s sister with us in both morning and evening services.  She is getting stronger after her cancer treatments.

Children’s church has been down since the New Year.  All the children are on break from school now until the last part of this month.  I think it is a new policy to keep them out of school during the coldest part of winter in an effort to keep sickness from spreading. I guess the childrens’ hospitals are full to overflowing; one of our members just got out of one, having been there for almost a week with their three-year-old who came down with pneumonia.  Many children have gone to relatives’ or grandpa and grandma’s over the break.

Our teen service continues to be a blessing.  We had 14 yesterday, with some new kids coming back.  We have two activities this week for teens, so we would appreciate your prayers for those.

We have had an unusually good response at the short-term detention center the past three weeks.  I am going to try to go twice this week in an effort to meet with those who have shown interest.

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