Mongolia Update

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Today was presidential election day here in Mongolia. It brought us a nice break in traffic.  I don’t know what it will mean for us as far as our future here.  I don’t really anticipate any big changes, but we were informed when we tried to get our registration renewal papers turned in that we should wait until after July 1st, as there are changes being made in the law that will affect us.

Last week’s camp went well, with fewer kids (between 15 and 20), but very consistent attendance.  The first week we saw a good response, with several raising their hands at the invitation at the end of the week.  I met with them all and started them on a follow-up program, so we will see how many follow through.

This week we have 25-30 kids, and they are being very consistent also.  We have several new kids in the 7-9 age group, and a couple in the 10-12 age group.

This Sunday I will preach on salvation.  I hope to see some of the parents of the camp kids out.

Thank you for your prayers.

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