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This past Sunday I preached on Salvation, and we had several unsaved people come.  One was from the short-term detention center, and three came having received an invitation.  Two came after the service, but at least they came.  One man seemed very open, and I will contact him this week and try to get together with him.

Teens was encouraging, as it seemed like the Spirit was working through the preaching in the hearts of one or two whom I had not seen that in before.  We had one boy come who had not come for quite a few weeks, also.

One encouraging thing happened in a political rallly directed at Christians on Saturday.  (the presidential election is toward the end of next month.)  It happened right across the street from out church where an office for what used to be the communist party is.  They said that since they ask all the “other religious” groups, that is, Buddhists and shamans, for their blessings, they should be asking the Christians for blessings also.  Four people from our church went.  A man from a Charismatic church got up and prayed for blessings according to the request of the political candidate.  Then one of our men had a chance to say something.  He got and told them how God is not our servant to fulfill our agenda, but we ought to be God’s servants and work to fulfill His will.  I wasn’t there, but I guess when it became clear that he wasn’t going to just pray for a blessing, they cut him off and didn’t have a word of thanks for his contribution to the meeting.  The 76 year-old man whom I have written about was there also with our people.  He declined when they asked him to pray, and said some words in defense of the Bible and Christianity.  Not bad for having only been in church for three months or so, I thought.

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