Mexico City Update May 2017

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Dear Praying Friends.

Thank you so much for praying for Kid’s Day.  God answered all of our prayers with a great attendance and souls saved.  We broke our attendance record with 417 testing the capacity of our building with 220 adults and 197 children, in spite of a three-day weekend (May Day is Mexico’s Labor Day).  Ten adults were dealt with at the invitation and made a decision as well as 16 children in junior church.  We had 243 on the routes.

It was great to see Estela, who was saved with her husband Marcelo in church a couple of months ago, bring Valentina, her neighbor, for the third time.  It was also great to see Guadalupe, who was saved with her teenage daughter, Sofia, last week, come back with her husband, David.

On Thursday, a construction man who I had led to the Lord a few weeks ago along with three of his fellow workers, came out to church out of the blue.  A woman in our church who has been coming the last three months asked me to witness to the construction crew across the street to whom she had been witnessing to and four of them made a decision including Hilario, who came to church this Thursday.  Please pray that we can get the others to come out.  I failed to mention that on Resurrection Sunday, Fernando, one of the teenagers that was saved at the teen conference that week, was baptized.  With the souls that were saved the last couple of months, we hope to see several more baptisms in the next few weeks.

It was great to see so many of our people involved this past week.  14,000 flyers were passed out by dozens of people in virtually four days.  Saturday was a bee hive of activity both on the routes and at the church as people prepared for Sunday.  Dozens of people helped as ushers or counselors, cooks and nursery workers, servers of food and and greeters, children’s workers and even security.  God bless our people for their joyful servant’s heart!  It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

What has been great to see as well has been the amount of people at Thursday night prayer meeting and Saturday night prayer meeting and even the Sunday night services.  It was good for the church people to invest their time in a 24-hour prayer vigil taking a half an hour at a time to pray for Sunday.  Please continue to pray for our spring campaign. Sunday, we celebrate Mother’s Day as official day falls on Wednesday, May 10, in Mexico; then the following Sunday is Teacher Appreciation Day as Teacher’s Day is the following Monday, the 15th, here in Mexico.

Thank you so much for your prayers,

Clint Rardin

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