Mexico City Update – June 2017

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Dear Praying Friends,

So much has happened since I last wrote.  First of all, I have some sad news.  As those who receive our updates know, Daniel Juarez, one of our students in the Bible Institute, passed away at 23 years of age in March.

Danny was one of the most spiritual and sincere Christians I have known.  Because of his constant battles with his kidneys (he was on dialysis 10 hours a day), he had stared death in the face many times and knew his time could be short.  Because of this, he tried to live life to the fullest and give himself as much to God as he could.  We had over 150 attend his funeral in the church and his aunt trusted Christ.

Even before our spring evangelistic campaign, we saw several people saved and continue in the church.  Marcelo and his wife, Estela, were saved through the bus routes in March.  They have been coming ever since and have been bringing out Valentina, their neighbor, and her children.  Paris and David are two teenagers who were saved off the bus route and Fernando, their brother, was then saved at a teen conference and later baptized.  A woman in our church asked me to witness to the construction crew across her street to whom she had been witnessing, and four of them made a decision including Hilario, who has come to church since then.

We had one of the best evangelistic campaigns ever.  We averaged over 250 in church and broke our attendance record with 417 testing the capacity of our building (220 adults and 197 children on Kid’s Day).

Eighteen adults were saved including Micaela, the mother of Marisol, who Marisol had been bringing off and on for over a year; Maria Louisa, a mother of the kids on my small van route; a woman named Fanny who was saved, and has returned; Eufracia continues to attend and was baptized; and Guadalupe and her teenage daughter, Sofia, now sit on the front row every Sunday with Guadalupe’s husband.  Fifteen children also were saved.

We have received several people into membership:  Adrian, a teenager, who has seen revival in his life; Honorio, a soldier whose wife joined the church in February; Alfonso, who was led to the Lord last year by his brother-in-law, Gabriel, as well as his wife and teenage daughter; and a Mexican missionary to the Jews who I am sure will be used of God to bring out even more from the Jewish community near us.

Please pray as we follow up on the recently saved.  Time is short as we only have three months until our furlough to see these new Christians baptized and grounded in the Word before our departure.  For our supporting churches, we will be available to report this fall on the work God has done in the last seven years since our last furlough.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our ministry.  It is obvious that God is answering your prayers.  Thank you for your faithful financial support as well.

For His Cause,

Clint Rardin

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