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Dear Friends:

Our church attendance this year showed that many of the new families of the fall are continuing to attend.  One Sunday, we had 218 in church, rivaling our campaign attendances (38 over last year’s average).  The amazing thing is that we had an average children’s attendance of 63 but an adult attendance of 155, which really packed out the auditorium.  We had to set metal chairs in the back and around the sides of the platform.  Our attendance continues to average around 200.

Our emphasis this year is “Grow in Grace” (II Peter 3:18).  We have seen better attendance in our evening services, also, as people are getting serious about growing in grace this year.  We have begun a series of studies in Sunday school that will last well past our leaving for furlough.  Being transformed in the image of Christ is the subtitle to this year’s emphasis.  Please pray for spiritual growth in our people this year, especially in the months prior to our furlough this fall.

A man in our church named Jaime had been dealt with by God about going soulwinning for months, but there always seemed to be an obstacle to keep him from coming, mostly of his own creation.  This last month he has been coming out.  He saw a woman named Guadalupe saved, and she has been coming to church ever since.  She is now burdened that her grown daughter be saved.

One Sunday night, we had our quarterly business meeting and five adults joined the church.  Eduardo and his wife are relatives of Ana Maria Contereras who was saved, baptized, and joined the church last year.  Her sister, her husband and two teenage daughters came and now are members.  Also, Antonia, a military wife, was received as a member.  Her kids began to attend our school this semester. Her husband wants to join the church as well but is on an operation in another state right now.

We just started our second semester in the Bible Institute.  We will continue the Life of Christ and Homiletics.  We are also teaching Music & Songleading and Missions to prepare our students to preach and lead singing during our absence on furlough.

This last Sunday Rafael was baptized.  He is the son of an army officer, Armando, who started attending our church in January.  Rafael was saved in our junior church. We also have another new military family attending.  Hugo is an army doctor and is unsaved still, but his wife is saved and is bringing him to church.

We are looking forward to beginning our one-year furlough this September.  We will be available to report to our supporting churches of what God has done in Mexico City the last twenty years. You may reach us for meetings at [email protected] or call us at our computer number: 574-307-4779.  It is a South Bend, Indiana, number.

Thank you for your prayer and economic support all these years.  We are looking forward to thanking you personally in the coming months.

For His Cause,

Clint Rardin

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    Can you send me the contact info for the Rardins?


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