Mexico City Update

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This last December we had time to reflect on the last twenty years of ministry in the Mexico City area and to thank God for all that He has accomplished through us.

The church that we helped establish in the northern suburbs of Mexico City, Northside Baptist Church, continues to go forward with an average of 200 in attendance and five bus routes.  Pastor Luis Santana and his wife Gabriela, both graduates of our Bible Institute, are doing an outstanding job.  Out of this church, another church was started in rural Mexico.  It now has an attendance of over 100, and the pastor, Moises, was also trained in the Institute.

Graduates and students of the Bible Institute are serving in six different churches as workers, ministers of music, school teachers, pastors, and one is a missionary to Cuba.  In addition to the Christian schools established through these two churches, we have been able to help three other churches start their schools.

Our present church has already been blessed this year with an average of over 200 on Sundays (30 over last year’s average), and we have seen two ladies baptized (Guadalupe and her daughter, Jessica, both saved last fall).  Two young people have also been saved—Paris and his brother, David, who both have been coming on a bus route for almost two years.

We plan to take a furlough this coming fall, our third one in twenty years.  Please pray as we prepare some of the men for our absence.  Pray also for future leadership.  We plan to train a future pastor for the church and desire more preachers to be called who we can help evangelize Mexico City and establish more churches in the area.  It may take years for our plans to come to fruition, but we are taking one day at a time and look forward to at least another twenty years to accomplish the task God has called us to do.

For His Cause,

Clint Rardin

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