Mexico City Update

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We had a very good spring evangelistic campaign with souls saved, baptized, and continuing to grow in the Lord.

Although we did not meet our goal of 400 on Kid’s Day, the first day of the campaign, we did break our attendance record again with 392.  Our routes brought in 207, and we had 208 adults and 184 children.  It was nice to know that we have a comfortable capacity of 180 in the auditorium.  Of the 48 first-time, adult visitors, 14 adults came forward to accept Christ, and one woman who would not leave her baby to go to the auditorium could not escape the gospel as one of our nursery workers led her to the Lord.

One of the people saved was Esteban, a neighbor of one of our Bible Institute students who has been attending our church for several months.  Esteban, who just retired last year after 30 years of military service, was baptized the following Sunday.  Others saved were Rosa and her 16-year-old granddaughter, Elizabeth, who continue to attend.  Rosa described her feelings when she accepted Christ as if a heavy burden was lifted from her.  Julio Cesar, his wife Nicole, and their teenage daughter, Yareli, also were saved, have since been baptized, and continue to attend bringing out others as well.

The Tuesday after Kid’s Day, I had the opportunity to lead Ernesto to the Lord in his home.  Ernesto is Oscar’s brother-in-law.  Oscar’s sister, Lizeth, is very active in our church; although there was a time when Ernesto was not keen on Lizeth’s faithfulness.  When it was time to pray and ask Christ to save him; Ernesto asked his wife to sit by him and with her hand in his, he prayed that God would forgive him.  I helped him finish praying as it may have been the first time he had prayed aloud.

The next Sunday was Co-Worker Day as it was Mexico’s Labor Day.  Phebe, a lady who has been coming for a few months, invited her co-worker, Veronica, who accepted Christ in the service and has returned since then.  Also saved was Sandra, a thirteen-year-old teenage daughter of Leticia, one of the most faithful lady workers in our church.  Sandra had made a ‟decision” in our church when she was 10 and is one of the best-behaved teens in our church, but she said that this time her decision was real.

The follow Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day at our church.  It was great to see some moms there for whom we had been praying.  Esteban, who had been saved a couple of weeks earlier, brought out his wife, Antonia, who has been attending ever since.   Please pray for her salvation.

We had a great final week of the campaign, Friend Day.  Six people made decisions for Christ — two men and four women:  Rosa, a teenager from one of the routes; a woman named Clara that had visited before on our military route and the three people she brought to church; and a young man named Heriberto who sells churros in front of our church.  Heriberto has also continued to attend.

This June, we had a young couple that were married last summer join our church as members.  The last couple of months, Lazaro and Abigail have been going out on Tuesdays with us as we evangelize the Jews and have come out to knock doors on one of the routes.

Thank you so much for your prayers for our evangelistic campaign.  All the souls saved are fruit added to your account in heaven.  Thank you, also, for your financial support.

For His Cause,

Clint Rardin

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