Carol, Cyrus, Hazel, and Adam

Adam grew up in northeast Ohio, and as a teenager came to Gospel Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Ron Royalty, where the pastor’s son showed a real interest in his life.  He brought him to church, saw him grow in the Lord, and then encouraged him to attend Bible college.  Adam enrolled in Fairhaven Baptist College in 2003.

While at college, he met the lady that he would marry.  Carol Porozynski grew up at Fairhaven Baptist Church, attending both the academy and the college, from where she graduated as an education major.

The summer after his college graduation, while Adam was weighing ministry options, he was approached with the need for someone to fill in for a missionary in Mongolia who was scheduled for a furlough.  After a time of prayer and counsel, Adam and Carol went to the capital city of Mongolia to fill the need.  They ministered in Mongolia for 14 months.

It was during his time in Mongolia that the Lord burdened his heart for a great need on a mission field thousands of miles away.  A ministry in Zambia, Africa was in need of a missionary couple, and Adam knew the Lord wanted him there.  He and Carol returned from Mongolia, and in six short months they landed in Zambia.  They remained in Zambia for 14 months filling in for the Olson family at Independent Baptist Church of Kabwe.  In 2011, the Riches came back to America for nine months to finish deputation.

Only a few months after arriving back in Zambia, Adam was faced with the task of leading Independent Baptist Church of Kabwe to purchase, renovate, and move into their own property.  God used this time to bring them closer to the people of Zambia and now the church averages 370 every week.  God has blessed the work in Zambia, and the church has thriving ministries including transportation, childrens', teen, and adult programs.  The Riches also help and develop the leadership of the Independent Baptist Churches of Monze, Pemba, and Chisekesi.

Independent Baptist Church of Kabwe has sent out two students who have attended and graduated from Fairhaven Baptist College.  The church recently started a Christian school as well.  Please pray for the Rich family as they continue to seek the Lord and serve Him in Zambia, Africa.