Fundraisers have been a very important benefit to Fairhaven Baptist Academy from the beginning. The school candy sale helps provide an affordable private education and also aids in the development of students’ social skills and money management. The sale is held in the spring and in the fall, when students have the opportunity to go out selling during school hours.

In order to maintain organization throughout the sale, the administration assigns different age groups of students to the different areas that surround our school. Parents, faculty, and friends are all heavily involved, making an effort to help students meet their goals. Some students may take day trips to areas that are farther away. Many parents take turns driving for their children and others as well, therefore we require students to have a school ID, along with a note indicating their parents’ permission.

Parents and students alike have goals they are trying to reach. Past rewards for the top 35 students of the sale have been trips to a variety of places, including the following:

There are also smaller goals to be reached throughout the sale. At the end, each team has an extended lunch party to look forward to. Proceeds aid in lowering the cost of tuition and purchasing sports and band equipment. Past sales have enabled us to buy higher quality musical instruments, new wrestling mats and scoreboards, along with various other things.

Here are some pictures of our new Gymnasium which the candy sale has helped finance.

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